It is not shameful to ask, ‘How to write a film synopsis not to make any mistakes?’ It is impossible to have excellent knowledge in all spheres, and it sounds reasonable to ask for professional advice when it goes about some serious work. You might need expert recommendations from the best film synopsis writers, and that is what we do. A synopsis is a specific summary of a newspaper article, scholarly paper, movie, TV program, non-fiction novel, or fiction novel. Merriam-Webster presents a synopsis as an outline or a statement condensed for a purpose.

Moreover, if you ask, ‘What is a synopsis?’ you have to know that you are supposed to include the discussion of different aspects, such as the style, genre, setting, and so on. It is not aimed at encouraging the readers to watch that film with some teasers but without any spoilers. Instead, it reveals all the information and the readers get to know everything, including what happens in the end.  

The objectives of the writer determine which kinds of information will be included in the synopsis and which format of this type of paper you will opt for. For instance, if a synopsis is prepared by a filmmaker, it will be thorough in its nature. Hence, it will comprise an overview of the plot, with the discussion of the characters, full storyline, and the film ending included. It will also touch upon the progress of the characters, the studied themes, and all relevant details. This article with hints for the writers who are looking for the best film synopsis example will be helpful for you too.


Why Is Synopsis Important?

First of all, a synopsis is frequently supposed to gain the attention of the studio. How is that done?

  1. You take the effort to convince the studio that your ideas are worth the investments and your synopsis is your chance to get the money.
  2. A well-written synopsis is a demonstration of your good writing skills. You will show a brilliant synopsis example film for the studio and they will believe that a movie can be outstanding owing to your talent to give bright descriptions and make a plan coherent.
  3. In addition, the studio will see that a synopsis reveals your commitment and devotion to the idea. They will realize how much thought and effort you have applied.
  4. Finally, the studio will value your synopsis, as it will give some hints about the suitable audience that will perceive this movie as an appealing one. 

You can conclude that you can make the studio intrigued with your ideas regarding the movie only if your synopsis is well written and thought over. It will be a great start as the actual movie script will definitely undergo a lot of transformations in the process of the movie project. 

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Efficient Synopsis Writing: Dos and Don’ts  


Thinking about how to write a film synopsis with an outstanding idea of a movie, you need some advice on how you can make the whole world believe that the movie is going to be outstanding. Do not send your synopsis to the potential studios for their judgment until you look through the following effective strategies of composing a great movie proposal: 

  • Active voice is always better than passive voice. Composing a story, you might find it very useful to choose passive voice as a supplement for active sentences. Still, in synopses, it is not appropriate to do that. The manner of your proposal should be persuasive and straightforward, and only the active voice can help you succeed in that.
  • Only original stories make sense. Your synopsis example film will not be successful if you present a story that has already been told by someone else. Only some filmmakers at the Hollywood level with worldwide fame can do that. Clichés and predictable plot turns will make the audiences bored and annoyed. So, you will not be supported for sure.
  • The depth should be emphasized. You introduce the movie characters not to make the story longer, but to drive the action. Thus, your effective film synopsis example is supposed to contain sufficient details about the motivation, emotions, and feelings of the characters.
  • Excessively long synopses do not work. Set a limitation to two single-spaced pages of writing. It is evident that the studio will need sufficient detail in the text, but they will not have time to get acquainted with lengthy explanations. Just accept the rule: I should not exceed the mentioned page limit.


If you still keep asking the questions like, ‘What is a synopsis? What makes it brilliant? What should I do to impress the studio?’ you should also mind that except for the things you should do, there are also things you should not:

  • There is no need in mentioning all the events and characters. What the studio requires is their understanding that the movie has antagonists and protagonists and your plot is well-driven. At this stage, no minor characters or scenes are important. 
  • Your personal comments are not needed. The straightforward writing manner is one of the answers to the question regarding how to write a film synopsis. Thus, your statements like, “This touching episode…” or “The viewers will have a good laugh here …” will be wrong.
  • Your synopsis cannot be treated as an act of advertising the movie. You are taking efforts to sell your movie idea not to give all the explicit ideas at this stage.  

Free Film Synopsis Example to Read

Format of Your Synopsis

Wondering how to write a film synopsis, you will pay due attention to the formatting of your paper. Proper structure means that your first paragraph covers the identification and discussion of the conflict, the key protagonist(s), and the movie setting. The focus of the second paragraph is on the extra details of the plot and the main characters. At the final stage, you have to present the resolution of your suggested conflict. It is essential, as you have to make the studio believe that their investment in your movie makes sense. You have to demonstrate that you have thought your movie through and there is no confusion or ambiguity in the movie ending; otherwise, the studio will not take your project seriously.

It is complicated to create a good synopsis but our advice and your eagerness to follow them will let you get to a higher level of synopsis writing!

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