No other type of writing can make such a great difference in the life of a person as a motivation letter used to apply for college or university. It is the text read by the admission committee that will tell the story of an applicant and interpret his or her CV, transcript of studies, and personal achievements accompanied with the report on SAT/ACT test scores. Thus, it is possible for them to choose the suitable applicants who managed to submit the best motivation letter example texts and convince the members of the commission that they belong to the college or university. Having narrowed the list to a certain number of applicants, they read the motivation letters again and make the final decision on the basis of all the factors considered.

If a motivation letter is written well, it always gives a bright illustration of your ambitions, goals, interests, and individual aspirations. Moreover, it clearly shows that you are much better than other people willing to get the same position. You write a presentation of your personal qualities and your attitude to your future job or position. You should never be afraid of telling the truth about your true self and genuine passion. Moreover, you should give all the details that explain why you are a suitable applicant for the program.

What Is Motivation Letter Writing?

Typically, resumes or CVs are accompanied with 1-page motivation letters with specific details on your personal and professional traits that make you suitable for a desired job, role, or position.

In which cases is a motivation letter needed?

  • You would like to join a non-for-profit organization and it is needed to get a position. 
  • You would like to take part in some volunteer activities.
  • You would like to be an intern in a certain firm. 
  • You would like to enter a desired university or college.  

Is There Any Difference between Writing Cover Letters and Writing Motivation Letters? 

These are the papers with a similar way of structuring, but completely different goals. A typical setting for motivation letters is any establishment with the education environment; thus, the students work on such letters to apply for a certain educational program or enter some university or college. A motivation letter for university is an opportunity to give explanations to your personal qualities and show your individuality that can enable you to be successful in your career. As for the cover letter, it is typically presented by a job applicant when there are several applicants for the same position. It gives clear explanations of your suitability for a chosen position and the hiring manager studies it together with your CV. Moreover, the final part of a cover letter always contains a request for a subsequent interview and an indication of your contact details. 

Is There Any Difference between a Motivation Letter, a Statement of Purpose, a Personal Statement, and a Cover Letter? 

It is essential to know about the difference between these types of letters as your success in applying for a position, job, or studies in a university depends on your efficiency at writing different letters. If you are not sure what makes them different, you may submit the wrong letter and fail. Students mostly have to write motivation letters, while the job applicants require cover letters. One of the synonyms for a motivation letter is a statement of purpose.

The students may get the task to work on a personal statement. The main aim of this letter is to convince the commission members that you are the best candidate and you have to be chosen among many. Still, there is a certain difference between this paper and motivation letters. The latter is less personal. The focus of motivation letters is on the plans for the future, while the personal statements refer to the individual achievements and past experiences. The previous successes and achievements described in motivation letters prove the orientation at the purpose and determination of the applicant to move forward.

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Motivation Letter Writing: Different Types

Writing Motivation Letters to Study in a Different Country: Key Facts

One of the most important tools of pursuing a degree in a different country is writing an effective motivation letter. If you have this ambition to go abroad, you have to learn all the rules of how to write a motivation letter in the most effective manner. The competitive level of applicants for such study is always very high as they work a lot to develop their skills and get prepared. Thus, you will need a valid argument to motivate the admission committee to choose you. The officers in such commissions are typically very selective and they make their choice in favor of a certain candidate only if the letters of motivation they give are excellent and they cover ambitious career plans for the future. Thus, you have to specify the knowledge and special skills and characteristics required for success in this particular program of studying abroad and then include them into your motivation letter example. It would be wrong either to underestimate or overestimate your qualities as you have to sound objective with fact quoting and giving valid opinions of other people. It is not an easy task to work on a letter for an educational establishment, but you can make it much easier by seeking help and getting professional assistance.

Writing Motivation Letters to Get a Scholarship

A person willing to get support in the form of a scholarship has to write a motivation letter and give a clear and concise explanation of the reasons why and how this support will facilitate your achievement of the set goals. Working on a motivation letter is an individualized process aimed at a unique writing output of authentic nature. If you believe that you can just get a set of general statements and give them to the application commission, hoping for success, you will fail. Boring statements and clichés will make the commission tired of reading and your letter will never be distinguished among others. You have to be very creative to opt for the right writing strategy and sound inspiring and motivated. Thus, the questions that form the basis for any scholarship motivation letter are the following:

  • Could you explain why you are the best scholarship candidate?
  • How will this education play its role in your life? 

Writing Motivational Letters to Get the Job of Your Dream

If you want to get the desired position, you may be challenged with the task to present a well-written motivation letter to focus on the main strengths of your character that will help you be successful. Your mission is to help the HR manager understand that you will be the best candidate as you have all the required qualities and skills.

It is crucial to ensure customization of your letter to get your chance of a sought-after internship or desired vacancy. If you believe that you can compose one letter and use it multiple times to try your luck at different companies, you are wrong. It is a failing strategy as you waste your exclusive chance to show that you are suitable for this particular position owing to your specific set of skills, abilities, and knowledge. Giving your CV to a manager, you should remember that a motivation letter will support it.

Free Motivation Letter Example to Read

Writing a Motivation Letter: Professional Guidelines from Experts

Either you want to achieve a certain goal or you just have to write an academic motivation letter to get a good score, you have to realize that working on this type of writing is very time-consuming. Still, you can forget about the difficulties if you have our concise but very effective guide for writers. Working on a motivation letter always implies taking the following steps: 

Working on a motivation letter always implies taking the following steps Working on a motivation letter always implies taking the following steps (mobile)

If you are not sure how to make your motivation letter great, make use of the following writing tips:

  • Follow all the requirements precisely.

Study all the instructions for your writing assignment from your college or university and meet them strictly. They may be very specific, so studying them thoroughly will help you get high chances to succeed. If there are no particular guidelines, just meet the general standard of an average length of one page with double spacing and Times New Roman font.

  • Show your unique personality.

If you contact our motivation letter customer service, we will add an exclusive personal touch to your letter. What you have to do in the letter is to reflect on your thoughts, ideas, and attitudes, having a particular position in mind. Remember that you should not go too far in your desire to sound personal as excessive humor or irony can confuse the commission members. 

  • Make your language understandable.

It will be not easy to understand your motivation letter if it contains a lot of complicated terms, colloquialisms, or jargon. You are not supposed to puzzle or overwhelm the commission. The only thing you have to do is to help them understand what kind of a personality you are. 

  • Emphasize the strengths.

You have to show your value to the firm or university; that is why you should pay maximum attention to the strong sides you have. Your focus on the failures and issues to overcome will show your negative attitude, so stay positive!  

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