Ontario universities are a popular place among international students; therefore, the Ontario University application process is a question many national and international students need assistance in. No matter which specialization one has selected, he/she has to come through the process of university Ontario application. Few steps are discussed below, and the basic information about these processes may help you become a student of the desired university.

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Who Can Apply to Ontario University?

Ontario University’s application process is similar to the applications to other universities. Each student has to present information about grades, test scores, CV/resume, admission letter, and references. If you are an international student, you need to provide the results of the international tests accepted in the university. Ontario application university requirements are rather strict. You should have high grades if you want to increase your chances to apply to the university. The number of volunteering activities and mentorship positions is important but your grades are also counted. The university accepts students who will be able to get the highest grades in different disciplines in the morning and then do some community valuable work in the evening. The university wants to see students who can combine complicated social tasks and remain academically active along with enjoying life.

Increase Your Scope

If you have decided to come through the Ontario University application process successfully and become a student, you need to expand your activities. Educational grades are important but they are not enough. Here are some strategies that can help you increase your chances of becoming a student at the Ontario University:

  • Get a part-time job to show that you can cope successfully not only with your studies but also with additional tasks.
  • Students who have part-time jobs are usually good at time management and have some basic business skills.
  • Play any sports to present yourself as a good team player and a person who supports a healthy lifestyle. It does not matter much which particular type of sport you select; it must be interesting to you and really involve you in the process.
  • Become involved in volunteering because it is an essential addition to your application. Some programs in Ontario Universities require you to have a specific number of volunteering hours. Volunteering shows you as a person committed to the community.

Demonstrate Your English Proficiency

The most important step the Ontario University application committee expects from you is a demonstration of your English proficiency. No matter which class you are going to attend, a French program, a Latin, or a Chinese class, you will need English as a medium for your communication. Language skills you obtain are important because this is a guarantee that you will be able to understand and adhere to the university rules, collaborate with teachers and students, and overall be able to study in the university. Here are some ideas you should keep in mind while the university application Ontario process:

  • Take the IELTS test as successfully as you can to improve your chances to be accepted into the university. Despite the fact that this score is demanded only from international students, in this case, it is one of the core aspects of your application.
  • Scores are important but you should show good English language proficiency in the process of application. You will have to answer some short yes or no questions, write an application essay as a response to a question, and even record a personal video presentation of yourself. All these points are essential and may serve you a good service.
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How do I Apply?

University of Ontario application process requires students to come through several obligatory steps. All of the applications must be submitted to the Ontario University Application Center (OUAC). Each student can submit only one online application that will be further forwarded to the selected university. Those who apply to a full-day high school will have to use form 101, while others should refer to form 105.

Ontario University application form has been developed to facilitate the process of application to the Ontario universities. These forms reduce the chances of duplication of an application and save time for the admission committees.

What Is the Price?

There is a particular fee for the application in Ontario. Those students who want to apply to three different universities or programs had to pay $150 in 2020 to the OUAC. You may select more universities or programs paying $50 additionally for each further option. In theory, you might apply to each university but it may be rather costly. However, there is a restriction, and you may apply to a maximum of three programs in one university. There are also some university restrictions which you may check on the OUAC website. Some universities may request additional application fees in the range of $150-200.

What Is the Best Time to Apply?

Since OUAC does not set a specific university application deadline, Ontario students and online candidates start their application in October or November. However, there are specific deadlines for each university; therefore, you should not miss the Ontario University application deadline and strictly follow this process. The deadlines for application may range from January till April.  

Therefore, if you are not sure about your application deadline you should check the website of your university to ensure that you do not miss it. The deadlines may be expanded in rare cases if you have some really justified reason for not applying on time or if there are empty places in the program.

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What Is Next?

Having completed all the steps required for the University of Ontario application, many students adequately question what to do next. There is nothing else to do but wait. Usually, students will receive a response from the admission committee from March till June. Still, some students may appear on a waitlist who will not get a final response whether they are accepted or not up to the end of June when the information will renew whether students confirmed or rejected their applications. 

A request about the residence, loans, and financial aid is a part of your application. You may ask for this information as soon as you apply. The decisions about the requested options will also be forwarded to you with your application response. There is a list of scholarship aid where you will be automatically included; however, most of the scholarship options are not available in such a way, and you have to research and separately apply for them.

June is the final deadline when students have either to accept or reject the university offer. When the deadline expires, the universities will know whether they have available places, and what they can offer to students from a waitlist. If you are not accepted, you will have an opportunity to apply one more time after June. Only information about the remaining places will be available on the OUAC website. The deadline aspect is interesting for students but it is not a point of interest for the universities who are more concerned about filling out all free places that have remained in June.

Ontario is a perfect place to study. If you have chosen this city, you will be impressed with the approach to education it has. You will be satisfied with academics and the environment where you will appear. At the same time, the beauty of the city will not leave you indifferent. The level of knowledge you will get in combination with the magnificence of the place where you will start are the major advantages that must encourage you to apply to Ontario universities. Even though the application process seems complicated and tough it is worth the price. You will see it in the process of education when you will get unique knowledge not comparable with the effort you had to put while application.

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