Each year, applicants to the University of Manitoba Medicine are required to submit a University of Manitoba application essay and other documents. The university accepts110 student applications. Of these, 95% are awarded to residents of Manitoba and the remaining 5% to non-resident applicants. 

On average, the 2018/2019 GPA rating for resident Manitoba students was estimated to be 4.23 whereas it was 4.47 for non-resident applicants. The score for indigenous student applicants was, on average, 3.98. From the Manitoba resident applicants, the MCAT score was an average of 514. This was 523 for non-residents while the average rating for applicants from the indigenous population was 503.

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University of Manitoba – Residency and Tuition Requirements

The University of Manitoba application process involves dividing applications into a total of three groups according to particular factors. The largest group to be awarded admission are residents of Manitoba. This is followed by applicants from outside Manitoba and indigenous applicants. Here is some information about each of the categories:

  • Residents of Manitoba. To be classified as a resident of Manitoba for the University of Manitoba application process, the applicant needs to either have graduated from a Manitoba high school, completed a degree program at a university in Manitoba, completed at least two years of a degree program at a university in Manitoba, or have been living in Manitoba for a two-year period after graduating from high school. Those who have lived in one of Canada’s three territories during the three years before places are awarded are treated as residents for the purpose of the University of Manitoba medicine application process.
  • Applicants from outside the province. Students, albeit a mere 5%, from outside the Manitoba province are accepted provided their application meets the University of Manitoba application deadline.
  • Applicants from the indigenous population. Any applicant who self-identifies as having indigenous heritage can apply. The standards applied are the same as those for residents of Manitoba. The ranking process involves an interview by a university panel, MMI (Master of Management of Innovation), and other candidacy requirements. Applications from indigenous candidates are given special consideration.

Additionally, candidates with two years’ service in the country’s (Canada’s) forces are given the same consideration as Manitoba residents irrespective of their present residency status. Tuition fees for the year 2018/2019 totaled $9,021 for students of every residency status.

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Five Good Reasons for Choosing University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba (U of M) is a great option. Degrees from here have numerous advantages so admission is well worth trying for. In addition, the University of Manitoba online application is relatively straightforward. The following are just five of the reasons we believe U of M is a good choice: 

  1. Great opportunity for research. Affiliated to all the province’s major hospitals, students of U of M can acquire research and clinical experience in both rural and urban communities.
  2. Strategic plan for research. Every faculty across U o M operates an intensive research plan. This is integral for the whole country in the way it contributes to numerous scientific fields.
  3. Several opportunities for internships. Attendees of U o M are given the chance to study overseas or to participate in student exchange programs. There are also numerous opportunities to gain experience in research and clinical work both within and outside Canada.
  4. Chance to enjoy prairie life. A city of great beauty, the population of Winnipeg is less than 800,000 inhabitants. With two rivers flowing through the center of the city, there is also an abundance of green and open space and always plenty of activities for lovers of the outdoors. Rich in culture with an ample supply of restaurants, art galleries and public spaces, there is plenty to entertain and engage students when they can take time away from the hectic schedule of their medical studies.

Free University of Manitoba Application Essay Example to Read

A Few Tips for University of Manitoba Newcomers

Do you intend to submit a University of Manitoba application form with the hope of securing a place at this excellent medical school? Below are some tips we hope you find helpful:

  • Understand the University of Manitoba deadline for application forms so you do not miss a place.
  • Avail of the University’s SD parking facilities by arranging classes near each other i.e. in blocks of 4 hours, which equates to a half-day. 
  • Avoid having to pay more for parking by using the online and evening class options.
  • Buy your textbooks either early and already used or delay until you begin your first few days or week. As well as the availability of used books, students sometimes buy class codes and books and then resell these cheaply if they drop out.
  • Attend every class. Get yourself a voice recording device or use your phone’s recording feature if you cannot or do not want to listen. 
  • Find a corner you can retreat to for studying. Some universities are accessible 24/7. This will prevent you from having to keep searching for a study area. Save yourself scarce university time by being efficient.
  • Get some partying in. Get everything out of your stressed system. However, if you are a one-semester student, consider how important the courses you take are and try not to squander money if you are not serious about your studies.
  • Take homemade sandwiches to sustain you all day. There is no need to refrigerate them. They may prove a lifesaver.
  • Drink plenty of water. This advice applies to every aspect of life. However, the university is stressful and fills your system with toxins. Drinking water helps.
  • Develop friendships in each class. You may need notes at some point or some other help. Additionally, you may end up working with many fellow students at a future time.
  • Make use of the university gym. Try to work out at least 3 times (or days) per week. You will get good deals in Manitoba city i.e. student rates with your university student’s pass. Make use of the city’s gyms, exercise equipment, saunas, pools, tracks, courts, and so on.
  • Participate in as many events and clubs as possible. These will connect you with highly driven, cool people. Perhaps you could set up something yourself.
  • Make connections. This is extremely important. Do everything mentioned already, but do make connections. Although similar to high school, attending university is not as judgemental and everyone is entirely responsible for themselves. It is an opportunity to make real friends in a non-judgemental environment.
  • Parking space for a vehicle with two wheels is a lot easier to find on campus. So, if you own a scooter or motorcycle, think about using it or investing in one.
  • Take a nighttime walk around campus. This experience is quite spiritual since it has already given countless people, and now you, the first step into what will be an exciting future.

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