One of the most prestigious Canadian universities is the University of Toronto, Ontario. This public research educational establishment was founded as King’s College in 1827. Going back to history, it is important to mention that it was the first higher study institution in the Upper Canada colony. Its current name was given to the university in 1850. It is a great honor to give a University of Toronto application and get accepted; so, the process of selection is very competitive. The university includes twelve colleges and it has one campus in Mississauga and the other one in Scarborough. All the students know that many outstanding people got their education at the University of Toronto, in particular, four Prime Ministers of Canada, two Governors-General, fourteen Supreme Court Justices, four leaders of foreign countries, and there is an affiliation of the university with ten Nobel laureates.

The University of Toronto application deadline can be very strict and the requirements may be tough, but it is still among the most sought-after educational establishments and many young people strive for becoming students here.

Let us help you with some advice on how you can be accepted here with a successful University of Toronto graduate application.

Right Classes And Courses

One of the common mistakes of high school students who would like to enter the university is that they choose the wrong program classes. Mind choosing the ones needed for the study program. 

Tools Of Assessment, Including Personal Profiles

Universities take into consideration your academic performance and grades, but they also pay attention to other factors as there are many students with perfect grades. They will check on your profile and conduct an interview to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for them.

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Application Guidelines

Submitting a Toronto University application is a responsible task, and you have to review all the requirements first not fail because of lack of attention. Applications are chosen based on numerous factors, which can be both of non-academic and academic nature. The competitiveness of the MD Program application is extremely high. If your application is not successful, it means that even if you have met all the requirements for your academic performance, your application may be not wining in comparison with others. All the decisions of the commission are final and you cannot appeal them. 

We remind you to mind the Toronto University application deadline as submitting your application later you have no chance to be accepted. The university does not provide any personalized feedback on the applications, so you will only get a positive or a negative answer. 

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Things to Take into Consideration

  • Check the minimum GPA requirement (Grade Point Average) on the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) Scale. Did you meet it? A graduate applicant is supposed to have a GPA of 3.0/4.0 and an undergraduate applicant should have a 3.6/4.0 GPA.
  • Check on the minimum MCAT score. Did you meet 125 as the score for your Medical College Admission Test in all sections? 
  • You have to give both positive answers to the above-mentioned questions. Otherwise, it will mean that you have failed the University of Toronto application requirements this year and your GPA is not competitive at all.
  • The assessment of applicants is done based on non-academic factors.  
  • You have to check whether your experience is competitive according to the terms and conditions this year. What you have to do is to present relevant examples that demonstrate your professionalism, communication skills, and skills in the extracurricular school activities.
  • It is highly recommendable to ask someone you trust to review your University of Toronto application with four concise personal essays. Ask them to give you their comments on how well you have adhered to the instructions and how clear your writing is. 
  • Your referees have to give proper support to your university application, as it is an obligatory part of the University of Toronto application process. You have to be very selective, choosing the references as you might be willing to file another application later on. It is a must for the referees to be acquainted with you, as they have to give an objective assessment of your personality.  
  1. No close friend, member of the family, or a friend of the family can give you letters of recommendation. The application will be rejected if your referees cause a so-called conflict of interests according to the standards of the Admissions Committee.
  2. You should not only follow an application deadline for University of Toronto, but also choose the referees who are able to evaluate both your non-academic and academic suitability for this particular educational establishment. The overall range of university clusters should be included in the Confidential Assessment Forms. Personal references should adhere to a particular cluster or clusters of achievements, activities, or attributes.)
  3. Ask your potential referee to study a University of Toronto application form to evaluate whether they can give strong references. You have to submit both your University of Toronto application essay and your references according to the same deadline.
  4. Lack of references in the applications will cause an application refusal. 

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Valuable Tips That Will Facilitate Your Response to the Prompts of the University of Toronto Application

  • Give answers to all the questions: do thorough reading of the prompts and clarify all the vague points. You have to mention 1) why you have chosen your preferred discipline, for instance, engineering; 2) why you have chosen the University of Toronto; and 3) which skills that you have gained will be helpful for you during your studies.  
  • Include vivid examples: all your points should be illustrated. Examples will help you give proper emphasis to the points.  
  • Conduct some research and learn a lot about the college: you have to know a lot about the program before you apply. The readers should see from your writing that you have done preliminary research.
  • Sound natural: you have to be yourself. Do not try to guess what the university commission wants you to tell. Be honest.  
  • Avoid common mistakes: do not use any clichés. Do not forget to proofread the essays.  
  • Follow the application deadline University of Toronto sets.

Make use of the example of a personal statement for the application to the University of Toronto written based on the expert prompt.

Free University of Toronto Application Essay Example to Read

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