Whenever you are writing a response paper, you should ground your specific observations on a book, film, article, etc. Once you finish reading or seeing the piece selected, you should provide certain observations as well as share your ideas with the readers. Thus, composing a response paper cannot be the same as composing other pieces of writing. A response paper is aimed at dwelling on your specific feelings or emotions.

Therefore, you are expected to apply the first-person pronouns and be very delicate and sincere in your judgments. By all means, you get used to composing third-person academic pieces of writing, and you can feel a bit uncomfortable whenever you utilize “we” or “I” in your work. However, you are capable of doing this; thus, there is nothing that you should be afraid of.


Prime Response Paper Guide to Follow

Share Your Specific Emotions and Original Responses

Consider that a formal intro and a statement of the book, article, or movie you are planning to discuss and explicate should be placed at the beginning of your work. Once you have been done with all the formal evaluations, you should switch on to the description of your feelings and considerations. For an outstanding and creative response paper, you are advised to do the following as indicated below.

At the Start

Whenever your outline is ready, you can commence composing your response essay. Consider that your response paper will not be complete without a clear introduction. In this section, you should present the stage for the whole work. You are supposed to persuade your audience that it is worthwhile reading your piece of writing. In your thesis statement, provided at the end of the intro, you should communicate the key theme or idea of your response essay.

Consider Your Opinions and Thoughts

You should apply rich language as well as be eloquent while analyzing your feelings and thoughts. This is not a nice time for being very modest. You should do your best you can in order to express your emotions or feelings and ensure that your future readers grasp your point of view. Avoid limiting yourself to set clichés. Consider the sample papers, and you will be capable of seeing how sophisticated, creative and original our experts have been. At the same time, take into account the significance of proper grammar, spelling, style, format, etc. Your goal is to create a unique response paper ideal in all aspects.


Consider that it does not matter what movie, book or article you plan to apply for your response paper. You are supposed to benefit from applying the phrases and words applied.

In other words, an ideal response essay is to be composed of two things. Firstly, it is a detailed and objective analysis of a movie, article, or book, etc. Secondly, it is your subjective response to the chosen item. You can always have access to our sample response essays database.


Your goal is to provide your readers with a clear clue concerning whether they ought to watch the film or read the article under your analysis. Use clear pieces of evidence to support your decision and arguments.

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