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If you are applying for York University, you need to be aware of how to deal with York University application writing process. Check out the following tips from qualified experts:

  1. Read all instructions attentively. Be careful about the application prompt: pay attention to the paper length, the main questions that are to be addressed, and the York University application deadline. 
  2. Place focus on yourself. You are recommended to focus on your personality rather than present a lengthy and tedious story of what courses you have taken, where you have had internship or some volunteer work. Instead of describing this part of your experience, focus on how your perspective was changed, what skills you developed after taking some courses, as well as what impact they have had on your life. You may discuss any experience of yours – but only through the prism of your personality. 
  3. Emphasize your sheer enthusiasm and interest. When writing a New York University application essay, describe how motivated you are when it comes to studying, because the admission committee will be looking forward to evidence of why exactly you would like to study there and what contribution you can make. 
  4. Start work on the York University application well in advance in order not to miss the York University application deadlines. Even though the very document is not long, it does not mean that you should not pay sufficient attention to the process of working on it. So, take into account the application deadline York University and plan the writing process accordingly. Make sure that you care for the quality of services and provide drafts on time. So, try to start at least two months in advance.
  5. Shed light on any differences between your personal statement and the letter of application. If there are some grades that do not properly relate to the knowledge you have gained in those classes, make sure to specify or explain any discrepancies. You should be clear in providing this explanation. 
  6. Make sure the sentences are properly structured, concise, and logical. During the York University application writing process, you need to pay close attention to the structure of sentences and the development of ideas. 
  7. Prefer active voice to passive. Focus on yourself as an actor and the activity that is worth consideration. Instead of writing what the course gave you, mention what you gained throughout the course. 
  8. Provide solid reasons for choosing the studying program you are applying to. When selecting the best candidates who match the requirements, the admission committee is looking forward to clear explanations from them why the program fits the best. Some of the reasons that may be provided by students sending their New York University application is that they want to study from some specific professors, or that they are looking for some specific studying programs, etc. 
  9. Specify what goals you could gain after you graduate from the university. You need to demonstrate your long-term plan and clear vision of what results you expect from the studying. Put emphasis on your goals and expectations as well. Highlight how the program can help you gain academic success in the future. Make sure to plan your time properly so that you meet the University of York application deadline. 
  10. Revise the York University application form before submission. You need to ensure that the paper is flawless in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure at the least. So, edit and proofread the document carefully before you submit the application essay. Double-check whether there are any awkward phrases, improper words, wrong style, controversial terms, and other errors. Make sure you set aside enough time for proofreading and editing before the New York University application deadline.
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Other Efficient Recommendations to Novice Writers

  • There are many commuters on New York University campus since it has students from different corners of the state. It is recommended for newcomers to make new friends be able to socialize and have some support. You may try to join some clubs, teams, and other communities. You would be able to find friends with mutual interests. 
  • New York is geographically huge. So, be ready that much time would be spent commuting and getting around the campus. In any case, the subway is open and you can use the parking lot in case you have your car. 
  • Get advantage of the writing center. There are a lot of students who may have brilliant ideas but may have trouble communicating them across. 
  • Be flexible since the university encourages diversity. Take this aspect into account when writing your application essay. The university’s admission committee will prefer those who are less conservative and unbiased. 

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Check Our York University Application Example

Describing my professional goals and reasons for seeking graduate education in the family nurse practitioner program at York University.

Most of my friends did not encourage me when they heard that I wanted to pursue further graduate education in the family nurse practitioner program. However, I did not mind them; I had a clear plan in my life. This was my intellectual door to advance in my career and achieve all of my professional goals. This has all along been my childhood dream and I am not afraid of going down this path.

I have chosen to enroll in the family nurse practitioner program because I have a big heart for helping out the sick. I have always admired exemplary nursing theorists who have made huge impacts on the nursing field. This is one of my convincing reasons for wanting to pursue further graduate education.

I am interested in making my contribution to the betterment of humanity; I always want to be where the action is as well as challenge and leave an impact behind. I have come a very long way in getting myself prepared for this path. I have close friends and family who have always encouraged me. I am sure that the knowledge and experience I would gain from this program will facilitate my career ambitions as well as professional goals.

When I think about seeking further graduate education in the family nurse practitioner program, I get filled up with a growing tide of excitement. The realization that I can finally get to specialize in my educational goals is appealing. My desire to advance my career path in nursing is manifested by the fact that I offered myself as a volunteer in a clinic near our residence. Most importantly, I accept ant challenges that are ahead of me, they are what makes me stronger each day. My advice to any individual out there with no morale of seeking graduate education is that, make a choice and channel all your efforts into developing your career and talent.

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